Thul Hejja and Eid Al-Adha Important Announcement

The sacred month of Thul Hejja starts on Thursday September 25th, 2014 inshaa Allah.

The Day of Arafa is Friday, October 3rd 

Eid Al Adha starts on Saturday October 4th. 

Eid Prayer at Oregon Conventiion Center, Location

We would like to remind the head of the house hold who intends to offer Udheya or Qurbani to abstain from cutting or shaving his hair or cutting his nails starting from the night before the first day of the month of Thul Hejja until he sacrifices his udhiya.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:

“When you see the new moon of Thul Hejja, or according to another version, When the ten days of Thul Hejja begin, and any one of you wants to offer a sacrifice, let him refrain from cutting his hair and nails until he has offered the Udhiya.” (Muslim) This ruling applies ONLY to the head of the household who is going to offer the Udhiya. It is permissible for other members of his family to cut from their hair and nails during the first ten days of Thul Hejja.

The Significance of the First 10 Days of Thul Hejja

It is  the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to work hard doing good deeds in the first 10 days of Thul Hejja such fasting the first nine days of the month of especially the ninth day of the month, the Day of Arafa, doing charity and all other good deeds. Allah swears by these days in Surat Alfajr, ayah 1 and 2 and the prophet SAAWS stated in a hadith narrated by Ibn'Abbas that  "No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these days [meaning the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah]...." 

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was asked about fasting the day of Arafa, he replied: “Fasting the day of Arafa erases the sins of the year before it, and of the year after it.”(Muslim)

We urge all brothers and sisters to try their best these days, forgive each other, make duaa for fellow Muslims around the world, be kind to people from all ethnicities and religions, honor their parents, love their kids, be gentle to the environment, ask forgiveness from Allah, and be a good Muslim no matter where they are. We ask you to support your community and do what you can to represent Islam the proper way. 

May Allah Accept your Duaa and Eid Mubarak from Masjed Assaber

عيد الفطر : يوم الفرح والسرور