Masjed As-Saber and the Muslim Community have several opportunities for education:



  1. Quran classes for young Kids (beginners and intermediate)
  2. Quran Classes girls (beginners and intermediate)


II. The Islamic School of Portland:

1. The Islamic School of Portland is a private non-profit school which teaches Islamic Studies, Arabic and the rest of academic program such as math, science, social studies ... etc.. The school is pre-k to 8th grade. For more information: visit the website:

2. Email:

3. Call 503 244-9606


II. Girls Programs:

  1. Sister's Halaqa Lectures on Friday nights
  2. Al Mu'minah Day for girls 13 years of age and up: Learning with FUN
  3. Young Muminat Day for girls ages 8-12 every other Friday
  4. Somali Sisters Halaqa