What Should I look for in a Woman?

Salamo alikum, I have been alhamdulah very good Muslim. i also work full time hamdolah and im thinking about completing my deen to stay away from Maasiya. i want to get married. what would u recommend as far as finding a good Muslim sister here in Portland with hijab or niqab preferably? do we have like an office or someone in our community or mosque to talk to concerning arranged halal marriage ?

The Answer

Wa Alaikum Assalam wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,


Congratulations brother and we pray you always have the urge to become better.

Marriage is a step of commitment to life change! When you want to marry, look for the best practicing Muslim whether she wears Hijab or Niqab. The prophet SAAWS explained that marriage is sought for 1 of 4 reasons: Beauty, Social Status, Wealth, or Religion Practice. The prophet recommended to seek the one with the practicing deen. 

It is very important to find somebody who is humble (from practicing women), mature, willing to cross over cultural boundaries, willing to learn, honest, and try very hard to have a successful marriage. Compromise is important  for both men and women unless it causes a sin. The woman you look for should be one that recognizes there is only one captain to the ship but you also have to take in conisderation her feelings and likes. 

We have councelling at the Islamic Center and performing marriage services but we do not have matching services. The best way to look for a good wife is to ask community memebers and making Istikhara. It is not easy, but with Allah's help, you will find the right woman. We wish you best of Luck.

Masjed Assaber