Do Muslim Girls have to stay home to fulfill parents wishes, or they can get an education and work?

What do you say about muslimah going to school and work in this society? Should she fulfill the parents wish or by following the Islamic way as In Quran & Sunnah by seeking ilm. What else do you say about muslimahs going out for work/school should the women stay home at all times if there is fitnahs everywhere?

The Answer

The Question is a little vauge and the answer will be very generic and may not apply to all cases. If you wish to have more in depth answer, you have to be more specific.


Islam does not prevent women from getting educated or employed. It restricts environments that you (male or female) operate in. For example, as a female if you are want to study away from your family with no protection from harm, then it is more logical to stay close to the family to provide that, meaning go to school in the area. If you are offered a job where you will be in a situation where you can be harrased or uncomfortable becuase work environment does not guard for such pressure, then it is better for you to find an environment that protects you. 


If this question is about obeying your parents, your gender does not matter; you obey your parents as long as what they ask you is not haram or will harm you. But a smart son/daughter would try to udnerstand the parents concerns and work with them to calm their fears. Do not blame the parents, they mostly want your best interest and try to convince them it is in your best interest to get an education or a job in a guaranteed good enviroment. 

Sorry, as stated this is a generic answer, you may want to reask the question in a different way or private session if you would like to know more.