Regrets about kneeling to pressure associated of becoming a Muslim

I took Shahada years ago. Immediately after I started having doubts and worried my family and wife wouldn't accept me as a Muslim. So I never went back to the mosque and never learned to pray. I truly regret it and would love to come back to Islatm. I guess my question is do I come back and take the Shadah again like a new Muslim? Thank you very much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Answer

Dear Brother,


It is natural that you get rejection when you change an important attribute of yours such as religion. I want to remind you that the prophet SAAWS was rejected by his immediate family (his uncles) for a long time, his companions were tourtured, he was almost assasinated with poison and sords and suffered a lot from his close family and friends. This is not abnormal!


You do not have to take Shahada again if you did not change your beliefs. You just need to repent to Almighty Allah and ask for his forgiveness. Except Allah, You do not owe anybody any apologies. The repentance requires you to:

1. Feel bad about what you did and not go back to it

2. Be serious and try hard to become a good Muslim (with prayers, cleanliness, clean you heart ... etc)


We want to let you know that family rejection comes from misundertanding of Islam and what it stands for. We are sure your family members were scared of what you would become as a Muslim especially so much islamophobia in the medi. TO counter that, act like a Muslim toward them. Honor your mother and father, help you siblings, be nice to all and give them time. Once they see you changing to a better person as a Muslim, some of them if not all will change their minds about Islam.